Decide if you want to grow and make the change! The WFRIC team has a burning hunger to deliver innovation by challenging the status quo and thinking of cutting edge and ingenious results. From inventing new products and brands, to innovating services and processes, WFRIC works with like-minded, forward thinking partners to bring these to fruition.



2013 marked Wong Fong Engineering’s 25th year of incorporation and with the core business stronger than ever, there was still an acute dissatisfaction of the status quo. We asked ourselves the question, “How do we make the engineering industry better? And how will this make our lives better?” The answer was not to rest on our laurels and to look at our process and product solutions. The vehicle that was going to get us to challenge the status quo was the creation of a new Research and Innovation Centre that would hire only the best and dedicate resources to re-engineering and re-designing Wong Fong’s processes and products. Hence the birth of the Wong Fong Research and Innovation Centre (WFRIC).

This maverick initiative by Wong Fong Engineering to develop processes and product solutions, as well as providing consultation and design services to customers. Through WFRIC, we aim to constantly improve on existing offerings and provide smarter solutions and visionary technologies for our customers. Our extensive industry experience and passion for innovation, not only drives us to discover new solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing industrial landscape, but more importantly, to ensure that these solutions facilitate business processes while creating efficiency for our customers.